Terms & Conditions

a. CLIENT: This term means the family/Individual requiring the home tutorial services to his/her relative or the self.
b. TUTORING ASSIGMENT: This term implies the period during which the TUTOR is supplied to render tutoring services to the CLIENT.
1. Tutor shall maintain high standards set by DIGITIZE Tutor and follow the processes and the methodologies set by DIGITIZE Tutor.
2. The tutor agrees to attend all the orientation and training program organized by DIGITIZE Tutor.
3. Tutor should inform DIGITIZE Tutor well in advance (15 days) on his long leave plans.
4. Tutor should sign the DAILY LOG SHEET every day and get the client signature every day without fail.
5. Any forgery against the client signature will be considered as crime and the tutor will be asked to follow the legal action with DIGITIZE Tutor.
6. Salary will be given to the TUTOR only at the proof of the DAILY LOG SHEET.
7. TUTOR should give tutoring session as per our discussion per week and ensure that there is positive progress in the student’s academic performance.
8. TUTOR is asked to give one or two demo classes at the starting of assignment and if the client is unhappy with the tutoring and asks for replacement, salary will not be given for the demo classes.
9. Once TUTOR starts assignment with DIGITIZE Tutor he should continue at least for 6 months else a deduction in salary will be applied.
10. TUTOR should submit one original document like 10th, 12th or graduation certificate with DIGITIZE for security reason, that original document will be given back to TUTOR if he serve one month prior intimation of resignation.
11. At any cost TUTOR cannot leave the tutoring assignment at the time of student examination.
12 The TUROR is not entitled to receive payment from DIGITIZE Tutor or client for time not spent on tutoring, whether in respect of holiday, illness or absence unless agreed.
13. Tutor agrees to co-operate with the client’s reasonable instructions but shall not engage in any conduct detrimental to the interests of the client.
14. If the TUTOR does any loss or damage at the client’s place, the TUTOR agrees to fully compensate the same by his/her own means. DIGITIZE Tutor shall not be held liable for the same.
15. TUTOR is responsible for his/her safety at the client place.
16. TUTOR shall abide by the additional clauses mentioned below:
a. If the tutor cannot attend the class any day, TUTOR agrees to inform DIGITIZE Tutor in advance.
b. There will be no negotiation on salary after the TUTOR starts teaching.
c. If DIGITIZE receives complain about TUTOR regarding his/her punctuality or any kind of involvement in any substandard activities, TUTOR agrees to pay the fine.
d. TUTOR shall never disclose the company related confidential matter to the third party including the student or student’s family. If DIGITIZE Tutor finds TUTOR has disclose any company secrets that may affect the company’s interest and its stake holders, DIGITZE Tutor will charge the fine and terminate the TUTOR from the assignment.
e. TUTOR agrees to regularly update the DIGITIZE Tutor on progress that student is making. If there is negative trend in the student’s progress, TUTOR shall immediately bring this to DIGITIZE notice.
a. CLIENT: This term means the family/Individual requiring the home tutorial services to his/her relative or the self.
b. TUTORING ASSIGMENT: This term implies the period during which the TUTOR is supplied to render tutoring services to the CLIENT.
c. TUTOR: Tutor is an individual deputed by DIGITIZE Tutor to render home tutorial services to the client.
1. The CLIENT agrees to enter into the contract of taking any one of the below mentioned services:  Monthly Package  Quarterly Package  Half Yearly Package  Yearly Package
2. The CLIENT agrees to sign the agreement again if they wish to continue the service provided by us after completion of previous agreement.
3. The CLIENT agrees to provide the optimal tutoring environment. A very good tutoring environment will be conductive for our TUTORS to maintain high standards set by DIGITIZE Tutor and to follow the processes and the methodologies set by DIGITIZE Tutor.
4. Tutors at DIGITIZE Tutor are given extensive instruction in our instructional methods. By signing below, the CLIENT agrees that he/she will not solicit any TUTOR of DIGITIZE Tutor to perform the same or similar services outside of DIGITIZE Tutor. You (the CLIENT) agree that if you do, DIGITIZE Tutor can immediately terminate your contract, retain any fees and deposits you have paid and pursue all other rights and legal remedies it has.
5. When we (DIGITIZE Tutor) cancel a session for any reason including a tutor’s illness or other unavailability, you (CLIENT) will be offered a make-up lesson scheduled at the convenience of you and the tutor.
6.. The progress of each student is of foremost concern to DIGITIZE Tutor. The CLIENT agrees to report the negative progress (If any) of the student to DIGITIZE Tutor without delay.
7. If the tutor assigned to the student is unable to continue or the parents want replacement of the tutor, DIGITIZE Tutor shall do the same at no additional cost.
8. DIGITIZE Tutor shall provide replacement for the tutors as per the parent’s requirement.
9.. Within 7 days of taking the service, if the customer wants to cancel the service for whatsoever the reason, DIGITIZE Tutor refund the customer’s fee by deducting processing amount.
DIGITIZE Tutor is working as a home tuition provider. We have 10+ years educational guidance experience. DIGITIZE Tutor has attracted many qualified professionals who want to work with us to teach students at their home. Home Tuition provided by DIGITIZE Tutor is an excellent platform to get the best of a child in academic grades.
Convenience to Students
Home tuition offered by DIGITIZE Tutor is one of the most sophisticated and privately managed services. In most of the cases, we see students go to some academy or tutor’s place to attend class. However, in our case teachers go to the students’ home for teaching. It allows pupils to learn things in the home environment that make them feel comfortable. We offer classes to schooling and degree students. The covered syllabuses for the school students are STATE, CBSE and ICSE.
Duration of the Class
One-on-One private tutorial of DIGITIZE Tutor assists students in homework, regular study, assignments and examination. In a week, we conduct 6 days or 3 days classes, each day for one hour. Currently, our institute is offering yearly and half yearly packages of home tuition. We offer an alternate solution to the traditional approach of teaching.
Uncovering the Maximum Potential of Students
Every student has the different level of knowledge grasping power. Some are intelligent and self-driven while other students are weak in studies, thus, require extra care. Teachers of our institute understand this need of the students and work accordingly. Our home tuition service allows students to explore their maximum potential and endeavors to bring out the best of them.
The Admission Procedure to Our Home Tutorial Program 1) Call us and let us know your needs. 2) Our representative will meet you – online or offline – and try to get the true picture of your requirement. 3) We will shortlist the best possible teacher for your child. 4) You pay the initial amount (non-refundable) and tuition fee as per the requirement. 5) Once we receive the payment, on the said date, Teacher-Student engagement will begin.
We follow the standard procedure for selecting and placing the tutor for Home Tutorial Service. When the parents subscribe to our Home Tuition Service, we assign a competent Tutor to teach a child. This allotment of the tutor to the student is not random. We ensure that the tutor has relevant experience or/and knowledge for tutoring. For the students in and above 8th grade, we match the personality of the tutor to that of the student using our method. Once allotted, the DIGITIZE tutor regularly visits the location of the parent’s residence and offers the required guidance or instruction in the predetermined time. Tutors are selected for the home tutorial service based on the competency in the school and college level subjects, fluency in English, teaching skill and group discussions. We also conduct the aptitude test. Tutors are required to demonstrate their ability in teaching. Apart from aptitude test, subjective and objective exams, group discussions, personal interview, etc. we also evaluate tutors through the demo classes. In addition to providing the basic support in home tuition, DIGITIZE Tutor tracks the academic progress of the students. If requires institute can also communicate with the parents regarding the need and progress of the child.
Additional Aspect of Our Home Tutorial Service:
Place of Instruction:
Our tutors take classes in the student’s place under the supervision of parents. We are also starting home tutoring through internet and computers.
Time of Tutoring:
Tutoring sessions are decided in accordance with the convenience of student’s family. Each tutorial session occurs for one hour in a day normally. Parents! Tell the time that suits you and we will ensure that classes are accommodated during that time.
Tutoring Content:
Our tutors take the academic books as a base to teach students. They help students in their homework. If required concepts are resolved by tutors by providing self-prepared assignments to the students. Tutors also craft customized academic program for the students.
Type of Instruction:
Our service stands alone for providing undivided one-on-one attention to the child. One-on-one teaching method helps in the overall academic progress of the students.
1. Ask student to read the note book and answer without seeing. Student also should be able to write the answer without seeing.
2. Regularly check the diary of the student. Many schools give a diary to the student. These diaries have information about the Home Work and other remarks. Tutor should take relevant inputs from the diary and make the practice sessions more effective
3. Help the child in regular studies. Take out time for at least two subjects in a day. Work more on those subjects, in which you feel the child is weaker than support in other subjects as well.
4. Do not leave any subject for more than 2-3 days. Every subject should be taken up for study at least in every alternate day. The important and difficult ones may be taken up every day.
5. Devote at least 2 hours for tuition. Instruct student to take another 2 hours on his/her own. But let the student not cut down too much on his/her sleep and enjoyment. Take out a bit of time for relaxing and entertaining also.
6. Let the student take one short break of 5-10 minutes during a continuous stretch of 2hrs. of study. This will help in maintaining the interest.
7. Be in touch with the previous year’s papers, sample papers etc. keep on looking what has been the pattern of exam and type of questions are generally asked. Also refer to their model answers. This will help you help the student better.
8. Whenever the student gives test in school and obtains marks, just go through their answer sheet seriously and see where marks have been deducted and how can the errors be avoided next time.
9. At the end of the year, do at least 8-10 model test papers for each subject. This will help a lot.
10. Never belittle a student. Ensure that you provide motivation and positive outlook to help student succeed academically.
DIGITIZE Tutorials Organizational Process for Tutors
1. Tutor should sign the agreement letter with DIGITIZE Tutorials before starting the tutoring assignment
2. Once the tutor starts taking class, exam should be conducted every week and same should be updated to DIGITIZE Tutorials
3. Tutor should participate in all the relevant trainings conducted by DIGITIZE Tutorial
4. Regular Time Sheet should be filled. The time sheet software will help us track the number of classes taken. If the tutor finds it difficult to fill the time sheet, tutor should take help from the technical staff in DIGITIZE Tutorial
5. The tutor needs to ensure that if the tutor has taken leave or is planning to take leave, same should be promptly informed to the DIGITIZE Tutorial. Before every salary, it is compulsory for the tutors to correct picture of leaves taken and classes conducted.
6. Tutor may not leave the job at the time of student’s examination
7. Tutor should also fill in the daily attendance log sheet which the tutor will be provided at the time of joining DIGITIZE Tutorial.
8. Tutor should not receive the payment from CLIENT. DIGITIZE Tutorial will make payment at the end of every tutoring month.
9. Tutor should not discuss any financial issue or pay related topics with the client.
10. Tutor shall adhere to the following rules during the class:a. Mobile phone should not be used b. Tutor should not read newspaper/any other book (Not related to student’s study) while the student is being taught c. For every class, the tutor should due thoroughly prepare before taking the class d. Tutor should be very punctual in the class.